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Golf all year for less than it would cost for just 1 or 2 rounds.

The objective of MMC Corporate is quite simple:

  • To grow the game by making golf more affordable, more diverse and all-inclusive.

Imagine the possibility of joining your local golf course, enjoying unlimited golf, and paying as little as $49 per year. It may seem impossible, but that’s where you’re mistaken! Golf course memberships and season passes are now being offered at incredibly affordable rates like $49, $89, $99, $149, $199, $249, or $299 per year. These campaigns, which Chuck Thompson and his team at MMC have been designing since the late 1980s, are making it happen.

Since 2006, Chuck and the MMC team have successfully launched golfer/member acquisition campaigns for more than 500 golf courses across the United States.

By supporting our program, you also increase the likelihood of your local golf course conducting renewal campaigns or starting new initiatives that will benefit not only you but also your fellow golfers. Our focus on affordability and inclusivity fosters a thriving golfing community, enabling more people to enjoy the sport and contribute to its growth.

By subscribing to the Affordable Golf Memberships program, which is completely free, you’ll gain exclusive benefits, including:

  • Early Access to Information: Subscribers will have first-hand access to real-time updates on membership drives and renewal campaigns at any golf club MMC collaborates with. Even if there isn’t a facility near your location immediately, you might find one nearby a friend, relative, or in an area you frequently travel to for business, events, or vacations.
  • New Client Announcements: Whenever a new client joins MMC, we will promptly email all subscribers, informing them about the exciting addition. We encourage subscribers to follow our Facebook page, “Affordable Golf Memberships Today,” to receive notifications and stay up-to-date with our emails. This way, you can assess whether the offered golf membership or season pass aligns with your preferences and budget.
  • Early Campaign Notifications: Subscribers will receive email notifications with a lead time of at least 3 to 7 days before the general public is made aware of any upcoming campaign. These emails will contain essential details such as the campaign’s launch date, pricing, and specific offers.

Only active subscribers of the Affordable Golf Memberships program will have the exclusive opportunity to acquire golf memberships during the pre-launch phase of any campaign initiated by MMC for partnering golf facilities. To ensure eligibility, email addresses will be cross-checked with those already in our system, and any memberships purchased with non-matching addresses will be considered invalid. Disclosing your details may result in the suspension or termination of your subscription. However, if you wish to invite a family member or friend to join, they can easily subscribe to the program and participate.

The savings on golf memberships or season passes offered through this program are extraordinary, making immediate access to campaigns highly worthwhile. Due to the significant discounts, our campaigns often sell out rapidly, with some reaching capacity within just seven (7) days. As a Core or Avid golfer, you will find this program especially appealing, as MMC tailored the offer, including the price point, to accommodate the lower number of rounds played by Casual and Non-golfers.

Definition of categories:

  • Core Golfer – Plays between 50 and 150 rounds per year/season
  • Avid Golfer – Plays between 25 and 50 rounds per year/season
  • Casual Golfer – Plays between 8 and 12 rounds per year/season
  • Non-golfer – Plays between 0 and 2 rounds per year/season

While we do permit roughly 200 Core and Avid golfers to join during the initial stage of the campaign, we strive to keep that number as limited as possible, considering the frequency of rounds played by these dedicated golfers. These initial memberships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and as a subscriber, you will be the first to receive information about the campaign, ensuring you have a head start in securing your membership.

Currently, MMC launches around 20 to 30 new golfer acquisition campaigns each year, introducing them in small batches. However, with your valuable support, our ambitious goal, once this growth initiative is launched, is to escalate this number to at least 100 campaigns in the first year, 200 in the second year, and continue doubling the count through year eight. By achieving this, we would have effectively doubled the number of players and drastically increased the number of gof facilities across the U.S. within just nine years.

The success of this initiative greatly depends on the number of people in your area who rally behind the cause. The more supporters we have, the easier it will be for us to partner with golf courses in your market. Demonstrating the demand for this program to local owners and operators, backed by the X number of interested golfers in their market who are already in our system, will encourage faster adoption by these facilities. When a significant portion of the market commits to this strategy, all owners and operators in town will eagerly embrace the opportunity to acquire a new block of golfers at once. Even upscale facilities will find it hard to resist the appeal of obtaining a large group of enthusiastic new players.

By joining us in this effort, we can pave the way for everyone in the United States to enjoy golf for as little as $49 a year. With your valuable support, affordable golf for everyone worldwide can transition from a vision to a reality.

To make this vision come true, we encourage you to subscribe and then share this page with your golfing friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues. Utilize your social media platforms to spread the word and tweet it out to your followers.

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There are two sides of this growth initiative, the golfer’s, and the industry’s. Affordable golf memberships is the golfer’s side which is a free service to provide golfers with affordable options for playing the game they love. The golf industry is losing golf facilities at an alarming rate and MMC has designed a growth initiative to expand the sport. The growth initiative is, Save and Grow the Game.

Golfers and enthusiasts should understand the direct connection between facility availability and their enjoyment of the sport. The decline in the number of golf properties would limit options and lead to higher costs to enjoy playing a round. The frustrations of limited access could even discourage people from playing the game they love, resulting in further closures and perpetuating a negative cycle that could erode the essence of “golf.”

While there will always be facilities for those who can afford big ticket items, we must ask ourselves if we belong to that top three percent who will be able to afford to play golf no matter how much it cost. We all share a collective responsibility to preserve the accessibility and affordability of golf for the broader population. Ensuring the health and vitality of golf facilities is not just essential for the industry but also for the enjoyment and growth of the sport we cherish.


  • Expand to More Golf Courses: Extend this successful model to a greater number of golf courses across the country.
  • Enhance Affordability: Make golf more accessible by offering affordable membership options.
  • Attract Diverse Audiences: Increase the appeal of golf to a wider range of people, promoting inclusivity.
  • Foster Growth: Cultivate and expand the game of golf, attracting new enthusiasts.
  • Demonstrate Ongoing Interest: Show developers that there is significant interest in the game, encouraging investment in golf facilities.
  • Preserve Green Spaces: Discourage owners from selling off properties for housing developments, ensuring the availability of open green spaces for communities, benefitting both golfers and non-golfers.
  • Prevent Course Closures: Help prevent golf courses from shutting down, preserving essential community assets.
  • Support Struggling Owners: Offer a lifeline to owners facing financial challenges, assisting them in sustaining their businesses.
  • Boost Prosperous Operators: Support successful owners and operators by filling in slow times and expanding their market reach.
  • Safeguard Jobs: Protect industry jobs by promoting the growth and sustainability of golf-related businesses.
  • Encourage Municipal Course Development: Advocate for the creation of new golf courses to expand access and opportunities for individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Nationwide Support: Facilitate the expansion of golf businesses nationwide, enabling their continued operations and success.
  • Global Awareness: Encourage leaders throughout the industry regardless of their geographical location to adopt and support this initiative in order to drive worldwide growth within the industry.
  • Collaborative Effort: Advocate for active participation from all individuals involved in the golf industry, whether they earn their livelihood from it or simply derive pleasure from the sport, in a collaborative endeavor to save and grow the game we all love.

This initiative is driven by selflessness, aiming to support others and make golf more accessible and inclusive. While you will benefit from being among the first to purchase a membership at participating golf courses, the true reason to support this cause lies in its ability to transform golf into an affordable and diverse sport.

Now is the time to pay it forward and pass on the game and the experiences to future generations of golfers. Let’s ensure that we hand off the game in a far better state than we received it. I urge you to support this cause, as your contribution will reflect your love for the game and all the joy it has brought you. Every contribution, no matter the size, is valued and appreciated.

Together, let’s work diligently to breathe new life into the game we cherish and secure a thriving future for golf. Your support can make a meaningful impact, so join us in this endeavor to make a real difference in the world of golf.

Save and Grow the Game dot com is the industry’s side where MMC is advocating for the growth and expansion of the sport through more affordable golf, more diversity and all-inclusion. If you believe in this cause you are encouraged to go to and pledge your financial support. For significant contributions, partnership, sponsorship, or anonymous support, please email Chuck at

Save and grow the game dot com operates on a crowdfunding model to drive the expansion of the game we all love–golf! We understand the power of collective action, and that’s why we’ve opted to employ this unique model to harness the support of golf enthusiasts, industry professionals like the PGA, LIV Golf, touring pros, manufacturers, retailers, players of all levels, and anyone passionate about making a positive impact. We firmly believe in the potential of this growth strategy, and we invite you to become a part of this exciting journey.

MMC welcomes partners, supporters, and funding from individuals, companies, and associations who genuinely care about the industry’s growth and are willing to back their words with their wallets, whether they are currently active in the golf industry or not. By supporting us through this crowdfunding effort, you will not only be helping the game itself but also the professionals and workers in the golf industry. Let’s come together and support this innovative initiative to shape the future of golf and make it more vibrant, diverse, and accessible than ever before.

The Save and Grow the Game program is owned by MMC Corporate and is not a non-profit organization. MMC makes no representation regarding the tax deductibility of any donations or transaction fees.

Thus far, MMC has successfully delivered on this promise of affordable golf with over one million golfers benefiting from our efforts  throughout the United States. Those who have experienced the benefits of this model firsthand, or know someone who has, understand its immense value. We encourage these fortunate individuals to pay it forward and help others gain the same opportunities and experiences.

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.
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We are committed to revolutionizing and expanding the game of golf from its core to reach new heights. Our focus will be on several key initiatives:

  1. Rejuvenating Closed Facilities: We aim to breathe new life into dormant golf facilities, transforming them into thriving destinations that cater to all types of golfers.
  2. Developing New Golf Facilities: Identifying markets with untapped potential and limited golfing options, we will advocate for building new golf facilities strategically placed to attract new players.
  3. Inclusivity, Diversity, and Accessibility: We will strongly advocate for city and state officials to lead the way in the development of golf courses that cater to people from all walks of life, regardless of their socio-economic background. We encourage both public and private sectors to invest in this lucrative opportunity.
  4. Continuous Education: We will offer comprehensive education programs to golf professionals, course owners, and all industry employees to enhance their skills and knowledge, ensuring a top-notch experience for all golfers.
  5. Engaging Offers: Special promotions will be introduced to entice both new and existing golfers, fostering a deeper connection with the game and their home golf facilities.
  6. Cultivating Relationships: Through extensive research and understanding, we will engage with individuals showing even the slightest interest in golf, nurturing those relationships to create a new wave of passionate golfers.
  7. Powerful Marketing Support: Owners and operators of golf courses will receive ongoing marketing support to spread the word and warmly welcome new players into the golfing community.
  8. Player Platform: Provide a platform,, where golfers of all levels can go to find affordable golfing options throughout the entire United States and eventually the world.
  9. Global Promotion: With a relentless focus on promoting golf on a worldwide scale, we aim to generate a tsunami of loyal, committed, golf fans and enthusiasts across the globe.
  10. “Everyone’s Game” Branding: We will rebrand golf as “Everyone’s Game,” emphasizing its inclusivity and appeal to people of all backgrounds, making it a sport that everyone can enjoy.

Our growth initiative is designed to demonstrate to developers, investors, advertisers, donors, sponsors, industry leaders, owners, and operators that they can achieve both financial success and fulfill their social and civic responsibilities.

Thank you in advance for your time and generosity.
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Support for the Save and Grow the Game program is not in any way a mandatory requirement to be a subscriber of Affordable Golf Memberships dot com. Even though these two initiatives share the same objectives, to expand the game of golf, by making it more affordable, more diverse and all-inclusive, the two programs are separate and distinct from one another.

Just by subscribing to Affordable Golf Memberships, you are still contributing to the cause because it demonstrates the number of golfers who support this model. Either way, we value your support and hope you spread the word with your family and friends.

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